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Dr. Smriti Pahwa 


About Me

I am Smriti, academically a doctorate in Public Nutrition with a degree in Education and an MBA. For over two decades after coming out of the formal academic system, I have enriched my academic qualifications with learnings from full time positions in the Government, Not for profit and For Profit working spheres.  

Experience of working within government systems at ICMR as well as Department of Education provided a broad understanding of working of the Government machinery and the challenges within.  

Association with Pratham-ASER Centre, international leaders in large-scale interventions and evaluations, gave impetus to grass-root level understanding as well as evidence-based advocacy shaping policy discourse.  

Travel to remote program sites across many states like Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra etc. involved engagement with field teams as well as state government officials.  

International experience through fellowship, workshops, meetings and presentations in Dhaka- Bangladesh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Barcelona, California and New York enhanced my cross- cultural and inter-disciplinary learnings.

The residential Ford Co. 92Y Fellowship New York provided course work at SIPA-Columbia University and Yale and brought insights on peculiar global development challenges from various countries including Haiti, Senegal, Turkey, Tanzania etc.  This global network continues to exist.

Participation in AMEX Leadership Academy created another strong professional relationship that resulted in me being selected to address a recent academy cohort as a Guest Speaker.  

I have successfully worked with experts from prestigious institutes such as Yale, UCL, IFS-UK, U-Penn, icddr,b, CRCHUM-Montreal, Canada, University of Notre Dame and Gates Foundation on various collaborative assignments.

In summary, my profile is an amalgamation of a Researcher, Policy Advocate, Practitioner and Manager with tactical and strategic acumen.  Experience across industries and functions is summarized below.


Trainings, L&D, Knowledge Management

Designed and led Training programs, Learning & Development and Knowledge Management portfolio within Government, Not for Profit and Corporate Sustainability Sector



PI/Co-PI on various research projects working with National & International experts from World Bank, Yale, IFS-UK, U-Pen and BMGF. Primary & Secondary Research themes around NCDs, Micronutrients & NTDs, Human Development, Early Years Nutrition & Stimulation, Women Workload & Child Survival and Immunization.



Designed Monitoring & Evaluation Frameworks as well as led M&E assessments on a pan-India scale.


Led primary research on childhood obesity; Technical leadership for large scale Government school based healthy lifestyle NCD prevention programmes; Expert Panels for corporate health, wellness and prevention of NCDs like diabetes.

Social Entrepreneurship

Guest speaker at Unravel Tomorrow project developed by a consortium of 6 organisations from different
European countries - Universities, Businesses and NGOs mentoring many social entrepreneurs.

Delivered keynotes on Social Entrepreneurship at the 4th SRG Asian Philanthropic Development Conference in 2020; and Delhi University EDP Cell 2021.

Anchored roundtables with industry experts.


MOC Mindsetâ„¢ forms the main philosophy and approach for Digital, Online and Face-to-Face Workshops, Mentoring, Coaching, Seminars, Lectures, Courses, Fellowships etc. relevant for various Social Impact stakeholders such as CSOs, NGOs, CSR professionals, Donors, Funders, Philanthropists, Planners, Design thinkers, Social Entrepreneurs, Strategic investment advocates as well as Students.

Social Audits

Senior core team member for designing & implementing OECD DAC framework based ranking for sustainability portfolio for manufacturing industry.

CSR Impact Evaluations

Led the design & implementation of assessments around impact of CSR portfolios of prominent corporate clients; Anchored workshops/ trainings on CSR impact evaluations.

Program Design

Designed large scale evaluation & implementation projects across development themes & geographies including rural & urban clusters in UP, Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, Bihar, Odisha, Karnataka and Punjab.

Public Speaking

Delivered lectures at various National & International forums; Resource person for workshops & trainings involving participants from diverse cultural backgrounds, geographies & profiles.

Branding - Social Media

Planned website & social media presence & updates; Designed project briefs for internal & external stakeholders.


Selected for National & International competitive fellowships thereby participating in mind-sharing with global experts.


Fostered & successfully managed Academic, Research & Implementation partnerships involving global researchers, practitioners & industry experts.


Presented in Policy Influence’ Workshop by CEPA and 3ie in Sri Lanka, July 2012.  Designed advocacy material, project briefs for diverse stakeholders.


Designed the content, implementation & evaluation of an Early Years Nutrition caretaker skilling vertical for adolescent girls & women in reproductive age groups WRAs across 22 rural blocks.


Led large scale program implementation & District/Block level assessments around Early Years Nutrition & Health in Punjab, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha, UP & Rajasthan.


Primary and Secondary research; program implementation and evaluation within Maternal Child Health and Nutrition.


Large scale program implementation and assessments for Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition.


Early years water, sanitation (WATSAN) and hygiene programs and workshop segments.


Program for adolescent girls in Bihar focussing on menstrual health and hygiene.

Mental Health

Child Anxiety and Depression scale for adolescents - Collaborative adaptation with experts from University of Notre Dame and Michigan.