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Trainings - Workshops 


Training for India & International Survey Teams

National: ASER Survey (National level training): Anchored trainings for National teams spearheading ASER, largest citizen led learning level survey in India reaching out to 600,000 children through 30,000 volunteers.

International: Anchored the training for teams from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, and Senegal, gathered together in India in August 2011, to learn from ASER surveys and establish the informed approach in their countries.

Trainings for District Level Surveys 

Diet Assessment and MCHN Training for PAHELI surveys 2011 covering 8 districts across 7 states - Anchored training for core team on rapid diet assessment an other MCHN (Mother Child Health Nutrition) domains for PAHELI Surveys 2011 supported by UN-Planning Commission - GoI convergence programs. 


Training for IES Officers

In the 4 day course organized by CLEAR South Asia at J-PAL SA at IFMR and ASER for Indian Economic Survey officers to give an overview of cutting edge methods used for outcome based monitoring, impact evaluation and data collection, anchored sessions giving participants first-hand knowledge of outcome based participatory approaches and field based data collection. This course in March 2014 focused on the use of M&E to inform policymaking and program design.

Faculty member for the 2-week training organized by CLEAR/ J-PAL South Asia in July 2015, focusing on Monitoring and Evaluation for the Indian Economic Services (IES) Probation Officers in New Delhi, India. (The Indian Economic Service is an administrative civil service under the Government of India)."

Workshops with College Students

Anchored Health communication creative writing workshops for students of Lady Irwin College, New Delhi and SNDT Mumbai.


Workshop on Research Methods - IIT Gandhinagar

Was invited as guest faculty to anchor segment on methods/ tools from social sector for translating field research findings to policy audience within the Workshop on Research Methods in Population Studies by Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (IITGN) July 2013.

School of Public Health University at Albany, State University of New York, SUNY

Anchored workshop for the SUNY Albany-IITGN International Internship Programme in July 2013 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The internship enables interns to experience public health practices in India. Interns conduct secondary data analysis under guidance of the internship mentors and work to learn SAS, STATA and multilevel modelling.

All India Committee For Eradication of Illiteracy Among Women (AICEIW) 

Presented experiences from the Mother Literacy RCT study in Bihar and Rajasthan at the 2011 Annual Meeting of AICEIW in Delhi.