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Of Missed Opportunities ...
One Too Many!

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Of Missed Opportunities ...
One Too Many!

Is there a value in adjusting the lens for achieving social impact? While undeterred focus on individual social impact missions is unquestionably relevant, could there be a scenario of too much focus?

In this book, Dr Smriti Pahwa emphatically makes a case for an “MOC” – a “Missed Opportunities Cognizant” mind-set for maximizing Social Impact. Operating from such a mindset, it is likely to identify the many relevant “Missed Opportunities” for impact that lay hidden in plain sight. This book thus is a tale of such “Missed Opportunities (MOs)”, identified to potentially help enrich social impact missions innovatively, through lean resource investment models.

If you are someone who impacts development or gets impacted by the same, in thought or action or both, the book is for you! Case studies presented in the book are relevant for Social impact professionals, Social Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Planners, Funders; Donors, Philanthropists, HNIs, Design thinkers, Strategic investment advocates, Public Sector, Private, CSR -Sustainability as well as Non-profit sector professionals and last but not the least students. 



Smriti's take on viewing the development landscape from an MOC (Missed Opportunities Cognizant) mindset is very relevant. Nutrition for example is a theme that cuts across development domains, though is sadly missed often. It has the potential of getting embedded across to accelerate impact.

Smriti's enthusiasm and take on social impact as a whole and not divided into individual missions that we all lead often in silos is very relevant in building a holistic approach. Truely Collaborative mindset from insideout and not outside in.

Smriti’s approach of organically seeking out collaborations and convergence through an MOC mindset in relevant across geographies. Haiti could also use this!

Smriti is truly a catalyst bringing missions together; nudging social impact missions to analyse the missed opportunities that they may harbour. Some very interesting case studies in the book.

I would recommend the MOC mindset to be talked about at all colleges that shape young entrepreneurs -innovators. It is no rocket science but seems to slip out of design thinking very often. At IIIM it was inspiring for students to gain a bigger holistic perspective through the ideas in the book.

A lot can be achieved indeed if we as development social impact stakeholders proactively think of enriching our missions and reaching out to other leaders. Many "Missed Opportunities" for impact can be unearthed as even one such is too much indeed"

"Smriti talks about an approach to multiply social impact and collaboration that seems so organic and yet is not really looked into often perhaps as we are busy working on our respective development mandates. The book is a refreshing space to change the lens and look at the bigger picture. And looking at all the case studies provided, it is not that hard indeed!"

Dr. Smriti Pahwa is an iconic brand in herself. She is a woman of resilience and tremendous mental strength. Her oratory capabilities are mind blowing. Her passion towards her work & compassion towards community service is commendable. I have known her little but that is sufficient for me to give her a standing ovation for all her good work & vibes. More Power to you Dr. Smriti Pahwa. Keep Rocking!

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