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Childhood Obesity
Primary cross sectional prevalence study on childhood overweight in urban school going children, 2000.  The study revealed disturbing trends on childhood overweight among school going children who were recorded to have aberrant dietary and physical activity patterns.  Key findings were submitted to MASO 2003 – 2nd Asia-Oceania Association for the Study of Obesity (AOASO), Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Trends on hypertension were published in 2004.


Micronutrients Secondary Research
Micronutrient compendium: A compendium of 50 years of micronutrient research India, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi-USAID-Most collaborative project. Research work acknowledged in the publication  "Micornutrient Profile of Indian Population. Gurudayal S. Toteja, Padam Singh. Indian Council of Medical Research 2004


Micronutrients Primary Research

Worked on a Low Cost Community Based Nutrition and Health Communication Intervention focusing on hidden hunger (VADD) among preschoolers. The subject formed the doctoral study focus and was anchored in urban slums in Delhi.  Findings from the study were published in national and international peer reviewed scientific journals.

Micronutrients Primary Research - Clinical - Laboratory Standardization

Worked on standardization of serum retinol estimation using HPLC. Recived training for the same from National Institute of Nutrition, NIN, Hyderabad.


Human Development


Technical Lead for PAHELI-Human Development - District level study 2011

People’s Assessment of Health, Education and Livelihoods, District Level Surveys supported by the UN-Planning Commission Convergence Programme were premised around the four key human development domains: Life & Livelihoods, Water & Sanitation, Education & Literacy, Mother and Infant Health & Care.  

Based on the Millenium Development Goals and on national priorities, PAHELI surveys looked at the provision of basic services at the village level through key central government social schemes and the links of these services to households.  

The schemes covered in PAHELI are Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, ICDS, public health services, PDS and MGNREGS.


Designed and anchored a health communication program addressing issues around Diarhoea, Water, Sanitation, Health, and hygiene (WASH) in urban slums of Delhi.  

Led water quality testing surveys in Hardoi and Rae Bareli District in Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Jaipur in Rajasthan.


Early Years


ECD Research Collaborative Project-Odisha

Co-PI in an RCT focussing on home visiting and group activity stimulation and Nutrition Education program for less than three year olds in Odisha. This project brought together experts from various prestigious institutes like UCL, IFS-UK, J-Pal, ICDDR-B-Bangladesh , CECED -Ambedkar University , New Delhi and Yale University- New York"


Community participatory Rapid Assessment for Mother, Infant and Young Child Nutrition(MIYCN)  

Led the design large scale participatory assessments for as a community led monitoring around food and feeding of young children.


Adoloscent Health


Designed large scale assessments around adolescent health as a PI for an extrapolatory study supported by Gates Foundation.


PI in collaborative Health literacy focus intervention and evaluations in Rural UP and Delhi slums.  Collaboration with CRCHUM Canada.  Research findings were published in international peer reviewed journals - Lancet, Bull of WHO, British Medical Journal (BMJ).  The work was supported by Gates Exploratory grant and Indo-Shastri grants.

Primary community based health communication intervention focussing on importance of immunization and immunization cards with young mothers in Delhi slum clusters.


Women Work Load - Child Survival


As a Researcher was involved in primary data collection in the field, data analysis and visualization and report writing for a cross sectional multi city study.  The Ford Foundation funded ICMR research project explored linkages between resource availability and child survival as influenced by women work in organized and unorganized sector in Delhi and Mumbai. 


Researched Neural Tube Defects (NTDs) as a seminar presentation project at Food and Nutrition Department of Lady Irwin College, New Delhi.  Prepared a secondary research report on the topic and presented the same at the seminar.